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These terms of use, subject to French law, govern use of the site (content and features) published by La Belle Etoile and hosted by OVH, having its registered office at 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix – France, listed in the Trade & Companies Register of LILLE METROPOLE under number 424 761 419, Tel: 0899 70 17 61 (called charged by OVH, call charges vary according to your telephone operator), hereafter the “Site”.


The Site is an information and resources portal intended to inform the public about the EuropaCity project.
The Site provides digital content (texts, links, pictures and videos) relating to the EuropaCity project. The site can be consulted free of charge and no registration is required.


• Content: all the information presented on the Site, such as data, texts, graphics, pictures, audio, video, logos, symbol, html code.
• User: a web user using the Site for informative or research purposes.

terms of use
of the Site

Consulting site content implies express acceptance of the general terms of use set out herein, in its latest online version, La Belle Etoile being free to modify it at any time without prior notice to adapt it to changes in the EuropaCity project, the Site and current laws and regulations.


The Site collects personal information (full name, e-mail address) to identify the authors of messages and/or opinions posted on the Site, and for statistical purposes.
All information thus collected is reserved for the exclusive use of the data controller and its subcontractors, and is not transferred to third parties, unless the law so requires, or only with the consent of those concerned.
Under the law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on information technology and civil liberties, the personal information collected by La Belle Etoile on the Site is declared to the CNIL (the French data protection authority).
Information is stored for 3 years from the last contact made by the person concerned.
As provided for by the aforementioned law, and subject to proving their identity, Users have a right to access, modify and delete their personal data, and furthermore they may request that their contributions on the Site be anonymized.
All such requests can be made to La Belle Etoile:
• by post at the following address: La Belle Etoile, 9 avenue Flandre – 75019 Paris
• or by e-mail at


La Belle Etoile uses cookies provided by Google Analytics for analytics and statistics on its site.
Users can detect the existence of cookies and if necessary delete them.
They can object to the use of cookies by deactivating this function in their browser's preferences.

Intellectual property
and terms of use
of the content
on the Site

All the Content on the Site is liable to be copyrighted and/or protected by intellectual property rights and cannot be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, distributed, represented, downloaded, modified, published, reused, forwarded or exploited in any manner and on any medium whatsoever without the express written consent of La Belle Etoile.


La Belle Etoile makes every effort to offer users the best and most reliable information.
However, La Belle Etoile cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information provided on the Site.
It can therefore not be held liable for any direct or consequential damage suffered by Users or by third parties as a result of any information provided on the Site and more generally as a result of consulting and using the Site. La Belle Etoile is only liable for the content it has personally approved and created, not for any content created by third parties.

Hyperlinks to
third-party sites

La Belle Etoile has no control over the content of third-party sites. The existence of a hyperlink on the Site to a third-party site does not mean that … provides any guarantee or accepts any responsibility for its content or any use that may be made thereof. La Belle Etoile endeavours to include links only to web sites that share its quality standards. However, La Belle Etoile has no control over the links to its Site provided by third parties. When you access web site other than the Site, be aware that it is unconnected to La Belle Etoile. Furthermore, La Belle Etoile cannot monitor or verify the content of all web sites. Accordingly, La Belle Etoile can on no account be held liable for the content of pages that are not part of its Site. In particular, we cannot control the practice of third-party site with regard to the collection and processing of personal data, even if such sites have a connection with the Site. It is up to you to secure undertakings from any site having a connection with the Site, and to make a point of only using sites whose content and rules for use you accept.

of the Site

La Belle Etoile makes every effort to ensure that the Site is accessible 24/7, barring scheduled or unplanned interruption for maintenance purposes or a case of absolute necessity, but accepts no liability in the event of unavailability of the Site.


Complaints should be sent to the site's responsible publisher:
• By e-mail to:
• Or by post to the following address: 9 avenue de Flandre 75019 Paris

Governing law –

These Terms of Use are subject to and interpreted under French law. Any dispute not settled privately shall be referred to the Paris courts. Should any provision herein be declared null and void or inoperative, the other provisions shall be deemed applicable as of right.
Should La Belle Etoile fail to apply or claim application of any provision herein or of any of its rights, this shall on no account be construed as a waiver by La Belle Etoile the provision or right in question, unless it has agreed otherwise in writing.

of the terms
of use

By accessing the Site the User acknowledges he/she has read these terms of use and accepts them unconditionally.