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Live the

EuropaCity is multiple experiences to live and share. Experiences that resemble you and adapt to your desires.

With family, friends or for a business trip, discover your how your days will be with EuropaCity.
Who are you?
9:00 AM
Cultural Centre for Children: interactiveexhibition on connected objects.
11:15 AM
Urban farm: meeting with theon-site farmers.
12:30 PM
Green area: picnic with the family.
2:30 PM
Theme park: go to the sky on theRollercoaster!
6:00 PM
Brand workshop: personalizing sunglasses forthe whole family.
7:00 PM
Creator’s residence: a cooking workshoparound seasonal vegetables.
8:00 PM
Contemporary circus: parade of circus artists.
9:30 AM
Adventure park: bungee jump at dawn, to contemplate the Parisian sun rise,upside down.
12:00 AM
Store workshops: go to shop of a brand specialized in denim:on the program a choice of jeans and rock culture.
1:30 PM
Café concert: take partin a musical performance whilehaving lunch with friends.
3:00 PM
Water park: have fun, relax, there’s something for everyone.
6:00 PM
Exhibition hall: participatein the collective work of a renownedphotographer.
7:00 PM
Food Truck: Mezze tray tastingin central square.
8:00 PM
Cinema: Experiencea lot of emotions!
9:00 AM
EuropaCity arrivals by TGV from London.
9:30 AM
Conference Room: grand convention onWellbeing at the Workplace.
12:30 PM
Business lunch in a Michelin-starredrestaurant.
2:30 PM
Team building break with all the leisurecenter’s colleagues.
4:00 PM
Digital Culture Centre: A roundtable on newtechniques for learning languages.
8:00 PM
Gourmet restaurant: a tasting of subtledelicacies created by a renowned chef.
9:30 PM
Leave for the hotel and towards to the centralsquare to listen to a famous French Do.