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EuropaCity, la concertation continue. Rendez-vous le 7 mars à Gonesse !
03 March 17

EuropaCity, la concertation continue. Rendez-vous le 7 mars à Gonesse !

Après une période de débat public ayant fait émerger des attentes...

et de nouvelles idées, un nouveau temps de construction du projet s’ouvre. Il a pour objectif de favoriser l’information et la participation des habitants du territoire à travers un dispositif ambitieux et innovant d’écoute et d’échange.

Participez à la première réunion publique, le mardi 07 mars 2017 à 19h, Salle Jacques Brel à Gonesse.

Retrouvez ici la première lettre  d’information de la concertation.

03 January 17


Please click here to discover it.



Newsletter #16
12 December 16

Newsletter #16

Project initiator's decision following the public debate.

Discover the new website www.construisons-europacity.com, with all the highlights of the public debate.

Video recap of 4 months of talks, over 2000 participants... figures regarding the debate.

Guided tour of the "Maison du Projet du Triangle de Gonesse".

Newsletter here

09 December 16

Project initiator's decision following the public debate.

EuropaCity is a project that benefits from all the regional stakeholders' engagement.

Project initiator's decision following the public debate.

Following the public debate held from March 15th to July 13th 2016, the project initiator announces the continuation of the EuropaCity project and presents the developments. The EuropaCity project aims to take into account the expectations and the observations made by local residents, organizations.
Press Release

Newsletter #15
08 March 16

Newsletter #15

A new district for the Greater Paris - General guidelines

Discover in exclusivity the general guidelines of the architectural project of EuropaCity by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

From spring to summer 2015, EuropaCity met the inhabitants of Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-d’Oise to gather their visions about their territory and EuropaCity. Find out here the whole video.

Finally, a few days before the public debate, find here the calendar with the different meetings and the “dossier du maître d’ouvrage”.

26 February 16

Immochan and Wanda

Immochan and Wanda partner to develop EuropaCity, the future destination for leisure in Greater Paris

Immochan and Wanda

Immochan and the Chinese Group Dalian Wanda announced that they reached an agreement over an investment contract to develop EuropaCity together. It is the largest private project for leisure, culture, retail and entertainment in Europe.​


Newsletter #14
26 January 16

Newsletter #14

Discover all the latest news on EuropaCity // Newsletter #14:

Upstream of the public debate, EuropaCity meet the inhabitants to co-construct and exchange around the project : learn more about the main stages in this video.

The 2nd issue of EuropaCity magazine is now available, please click here to receive your copy. Finally, find more details on the ID Factory Territorie(s) #4 and the 5th Scientific Council Meeting.

Stay in touch with EuropaCity in www.facebook.com/EuropaCity/, https://twitter.com/europacity and www.construisons-europacity.com

22 January 16

Play : the second issue of EuropaCity magazine is available

Launched last winter, EuropaCity’s magazine unfolds the back-stage on the new leisure destination of Greater Paris.

Play : the second issue of EuropaCity magazine is available

Discover right now the #2 issue of Play.

For the second edition, let’s explore : the territory where the project will be implemented. From Gonesse to Aulnay-sous-Bois, from Bourget to Aubervilliers, through Beaumont-sur-Oise, Play #2 will be look into this “phenix territory”, its history, its inhabitants and also, its future.

We invite you to write us for receive your copy of Play#2 at contact@europacity.com. And for those who would have missed Play #1, do not hesitate to ask for it !

5th Scientific Council Meeting (COS #5) of the EuropaCity project
26 November 15

5th Scientific Council Meeting (COS #5) of the EuropaCity project

The 5th Scientific Council meeting (COS #5) for EuropaCity was dedicated to culture and the co-construction initiative in the framework of this project.

The COS #5 was held at the Grand Palais, on November 26th 2015. Several experts and local residents successively gave speeches on the following topics: from retail to the wonderful multifunctional tourist center: the EuropaCity example; the democratization of culture in the present leisure society and the presentation of the co-construction initiative, in collaboration with local residents.

The COS #5 was also an opportunity to unveil the 3 study partnerships to define the cultural programming of EuropaCity (presented on October 14th 2015) and to explain the stakes of the public debate to be held in 2016.  

16 October 15

Newsletter #13

Latest news on the EuropaCity project in our 13th newsletter.

Newsletter #13

Discover the 3 study partnerships announced to define the cultural programming of EuropaCity:  the Réunion des musées nationaux (Rmn)-Grand Palais (French National Museum Alliance-Grand Palais), Universcience, and the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace (Air and Space Museum). This represents a major milestone for the project, as Chritophe Dalstein says: "EuropaCity is a great challenge of democratization of culture."

Co-construction is an integral part of the EuropaCity project DNA: details of the Steering Committee held on October 14th.

Last September,  Bjarke Ingels, Carlo Ratti and the EuropaCity team had a workshop dedicated to the creation of a unique video for the project. Exclusive : the first images on our blog.

The 2nd  issue of the EuropaCity magazine Play will soon be available. Here is a first preview of the front page.

Have any questions about EuropaCity? The team will answer them on the blog www.construisons-europacity.com

To receive the latest news on EuropaCity, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

10 October 15


Are you wondering what the new leisure district in Greater Paris will look like? Come discover the EuropaCity slide show.

Did you know that, in 2024, you will be able to enjoy a contemporary circus show, take a roller coaster ride, splash around in a water park and learn how to ride all in one single place? Discover all the unique experiences offered by EuropaCity in our project slide show, available on our blog.

08 October 15


Immerse yourself in the EuropaCity experience


EuropaCity will offer 6 unique sets of experiences: Zen, pop, sun, extrm, hype and show, which combine leisure, culture, shopping, hotels and restaurants. To discover more the project, come take a walk around the "loop", EuropaCity's circular street, from the water park to the showrooms, to the urban farm or the large exhibition hall. This presentation video gives an insight into EuropaCity! See you in 2024!

17 September 15


Discover the latest news on EuropaCity in our 12th newsletter.

Read about the EuropaCity project and the challenge of future tourism on our blog.Here are 4 key facts about EuropaCity.

"EuropaCity will stand as a model for the future of architecture and its new function." Bjarke Ingels, the architect of the masterplan, explains why. 

Green roofs, urban ecosystem and car-free district, among others, make up the "Living City": the project's sustainable development strategy. 

Finally, get an overview of the world in 2020 through our Play #1 magazine.And don't forget to subscribe to receive the latests news on the project!


06 September 15


On September 6th 2015, EuropaCity attended the Forum des Associations de Gonesse.


EuropaCity came to present the project to local residents, and at the same time the Etablissement public d’aménagement Plaine de France (Public planning authority "Plaine de France") presented the model of the Gonesse Triangle development project. Visitors enjoyed our selfie photo booth that was set up for the occasion and were able to ask questions and discover the first issue of Play magazine.

You will find all the pictures of the Forum des Associations on our Facebook page.

09 July 15


Discover the latest news about EuropaCity in our 11th newsletter

11 June 15

Newsletter #10

Discover the latest news on EuropaCity in our 10th newsletter:

Newsletter #10
Newsletter #9
15 April 15

Newsletter #9

Discover the 9th newsletter with the lastest news about EuropaCity

“Le Moniteur des Travaux Publics" included a supplement dedicated to EuropaCity, a strategic leisure destination for Greater Paris, check out the video of the presence of EuropaCity in the 2015 edition of the MIPIM, a slide show of the new visuals of the project and an infography on main key figures of EuropaCity.

Subscribe to our newsletter, by visiting the “Contact/Newsletter” section.

15 April 15

EuropaCity :a strategic leisure destination for Greater Paris.

The March 13th issue of "Le Moniteur des Travaux Publics" included a supplement dedicated to the EuropaCity project,

EuropaCity :a strategic leisure destination for Greater Paris.

the new destination for leisure in Greater Paris.

The opportunity to have answers to all your questions about the project!

We invite you now to discover this magazine in our blog.

Newsletter #8
19 March 15

Newsletter #8

Discover the 8th newsletter with the latest news on EuropaCity.

EuropaCity’s presence at the 26th edition of the MIPIM, the world’s largest international market for real estate professionals, held in Cannes, France, from March 10-13, 2015.

EuropaCity is one of the projects presented by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) agency at the National Building Museum, in Washington D.C.

The results of the poll carried out by the Odoxa institute show that 80% of nearby residents support the EuropaCity project.

Subscribe to the newsletter by visiting the “Contact/Newsletter” section on the homepage of the website.

19 March 15

EuropaCity attended the MIPIM 2015

EuropaCity attended the 26th edition of the MIPIM, held in Cannes, France, from March 10-13, 2015.

EuropaCity attended the MIPIM 2015

The 26th edition of the MIPIM, the world’s largest international market for real estate professionals, took place in Cannes from March 10-13, 2015.

The EuropaCity team was present to meet the visitors and answer questions. A new exclusive model was on display for the occasion.

EuropaCity was also organizing a conference called “EuropaCity, a new destination in Greater Paris”, which took place at the Pavillon Croisette / AGORA C12.A1 on Thursday, March 12th.


2015 Best wishes
02 January 15

2015 Best wishes

EuropaCity wishes you Best wishes for 2015


31 December 14

Newsletter #7

Discover the 7th newsletter with the latest news on the project:

Newsletter #7

In mid-December, the blog Le Journal du Design released a new video by Bjarke Ingels, the architect of BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). The video presents the EuropaCity project and its architectural vision. Watch it here.

You can also learn about EuropaCity’s partnership with the forum "Osons la France", which took place at the Grand Palais from December 4th to 7th, and read about the launch of our first  magazine :"Play".

If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter and receive all the latest news from EuropaCity, visit the "Contact/Newsletter" section on the homepage of the website: http://www.europacity.com/

EuropaCity launches its 1st magazine
02 December 14

EuropaCity launches its 1st magazine

EuropaCity has a surprise waiting for you at the end of this year: the first issue of "Play", the project’s magazine.

Not only is it the EuropaCity magazine, but it is also a collection of input from stakeholders and experts from a wide range of horizons. They all share a common belief: tomorrow will be a better day.

Be one of the first 20 people to send us your contact information at contact@europacity.com to receive the first issue of the magazine! 


02 December 14

EuropaCity partners with "Osons la France" ("Believing in France")

From December 4th to 7th, the Grand Palais in Paris, France, will hosted the exhibit "Osons la France"

EuropaCity partners with "Osons la France" ("Believing in France")

Osons la France", whose aim is to "reconcile the French people with their economy and bring back the optimism that the country needs so desperately". “Osons la France” is the display window for French innovation and creativity that EuropaCity supports.


Discover the new EuropaCity blog
28 November 14

Discover the new EuropaCity blog

Today, we bring to you our new blog:  www.construisons-EuropaCity.com.

It will serve as a new sharing and dialogue platform for the project. EuropaCity is a project unique in its form and its conception, which is why we have decided to use this platform to communicate with you on a regular basis about how this project is elaborated, how the team works and the issues we are faced with. It will also enable us to collect your impressions and questions about the project.

We invite you to begin your visit with a short address by, Christophe Dalstein, Director of the project: here


28 November 14

Newsletter #6

This 6th newsletter brings you all the latest news on the project

Newsletter #6

Be one of the first to discover the new overview of EuropaCity, which is further detailed on the blog of the project that was launched lately: www.construisons-EuropaCity.com

You will also find the hearing of EuropaCity in the framework of the fact-finding mission on France’s bid to host the 2025 World’s Fair, as well as video testimonies filmed during the launch of the Grand Roissy Map on September 11th and, finally, our latest ID Factory dedicated to tourism.

If you wish to receive all the latest news from EuropaCity, you can subscribe via the "Contact/Newsletter" section on the homepage of the website 


Presentation of the EuropaCity project at the 14th Urban Projects Forum (Forum des Projets Urbains)
07 November 14

Presentation of the EuropaCity project at the 14th Urban Projects Forum (Forum des Projets Urbains)

On November 6th in Paris, the 14th Urban Projects Forum took place at the Palais des Congrès de Paris.

On this occasion, the EuropaCity project was presented by several experts to a public of urban planning and architecture specialists.

Find out more at: projetsurbains.com


13 October 14

EuropaCity the flagship project of Greater Paris

During the October 13th meeting of the Committee on Greater Paris, the Prime Minister confirmed that EuropaCity has the government’s support.

EuropaCity the flagship project of Greater Paris

EuropaCity is, among the private projects that boost activity and employment, a symbol of Greater Paris. The project will increase the attractiveness of the north eastern section of the Greater Paris region and will encourage innovation. The Prime Minister’s speech confirms the central role EuropaCity will play in Greater Paris’ success.

Click on the following link to read the entire speech:

Speech : Greater Paris, "le temps des réalisations", in Créteil

The Bread Festival (Fête du Pain) and the Forum des Associations de Gonesse (local associations’ forum)
11 September 14

The Bread Festival (Fête du Pain) and the Forum des Associations de Gonesse (local associations’ forum)

On June 29th 2013, the EuropaCity team attended the Bread Festival,

 and on Saturday September 6th, it visited the Forum des Associations de Gonesse. On June 29th, the EuropaCity team presented the project to the local residents of Gonesse at the Bread Festival, and again on Saturday, September 6th at the Forum des Associations de Gonesse. Visitors discovered the project through several descriptive panels and a video. They shared their thoughts on the projects with the team members and asked questions. The Forum des Associations also featured a photo booth which enabled visitors to place themselves in the environment of EuropaCity and take home a souvenir from this exhibit!

19 May 14

Newsletter #4

EuropaCity: a continuously developing project.

Newsletter #4

Read our 4th newsletter to learn about the latest developments: the signing of the Île-de-France Region Masterplan and the regional development contract, a new Technical Committee attentive to Orientation, Employment and Training, as well as a study on the rise in collaborative consumption and many other topics.

Register in the section "Contact/Newsletter" on the homepage of www.europacity.com and receive the latest news on the project 


4th Scientific Council of the EuropaCity project
27 March 14

4th Scientific Council of the EuropaCity project

EuropaCity is launching its strategic territorial plan and is also conducting 4 studies to assess the project’s contribution to its urban, economic and social environment.

Paris, March 27, 2014 - During the 4th Scientific Council (Conseil d’Orientation Scientifique - COS) of the EuropaCity project dedicated to regional challenges, Vianney Mulliez, President of the Groupe Auchan, announced that 4 studies would be conducted to assist the project’s development in line with urban, economic and social objectives of the northeastern Paris region.

The 4th meeting of the Scientific Council dedicated to regional challenges was held at the Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration (National Museum of Immigration History).

The Scientific Council meets twice a year and its main objective is to discuss the major challenges that EuropaCity faces as a private project deemed of national interest, unique in its kind and that will open starting from 2020 in the Gonesse Triangle.

Chaired by Vianney Mulliez, this 4th meeting focused on regional challenges and on how to facilitate the implementation of EuropaCity

“We are very proud of this ambitious project. We are dedicated to including all local players and stakeholders in the designing of this project through co-construction and the exchange of ideas. The high-quality input provided by the members of these Scientific Councils brings additional perspective and new ideas. This ongoing exchange of ideas helps us develop a powerful future-oriented project that will become the leading center for entertainment in Europe”, explained Christophe Dalstein, director of EuropaCity.

Find out more at:

27.03.2014 - EuropaCity Press release 4th Scientific Council


27 February 14

Signing of the 9th regional development contract of Greater Paris

Paris, February 27, 2014 – EuropaCity is pleased with the signing of the regional development contract “Val-de-France / Gonesse / Bonneuil-en-France”.

Signing of the 9th regional development contract of Greater Paris

This is a key milestone in the strategic development of the northeastern Paris region around Grand Roissy and of projects such as EuropaCity.

There are no other projects in the world like EuropaCity. It will be located in the Ile de France region between Paris and Roissy, and will be directly accessible by the Greater Paris public transportation system. Starting in 2020, EuropaCity will offer a wide range of cultural (exhibition hall suited for international events, contemporary circus, performance halls, etc.), event (festivals, giant picnics, street art, etc.), leisure (water park, amusement park, educational farm, etc.) and retail (department stores, brand new stores, collaborative commerce, etc.) oriented infrastructures. Visitors will be able to “travel” and to disconnect themselves from everyday reality.

“The signing of the regional development contract represents a major milestone in the development of our project. It symbolizes the 1994 SDRIF’s (Schéma directeur de la Région Île-de-France - Île-de-France Region Masterplan) objective of building a high potential region. The public and local authorities had signed the document and now confirm that EuropaCity represents an opportunity for economic, social, urban and image development for its region: it will be the store window for the northeastern Paris region, it will create 11,500 direct jobs  and it will be a new urban center with exceptional (BIG architecture firm - Bjarke Ingels Group) and sustainable (opportunities in terms of energy) architecture. We are developing this project in common with all the stakeholders involved. We are open to contribution from any participant and to dialogue to make this project a success for its region, its local residents and Greater Paris”, says Christophe Dalstein, director of the project.

Find out more at:

27.02.2014 - EuropaCity Press release CDT Signature


EuropaCity attends the SIMI in Paris, France (corporate real estate show)
05 December 13

EuropaCity attends the SIMI in Paris, France (corporate real estate show)

EuropaCity, the new destination in Greater Paris, will attend the SIMI (corporate real estate show), at the stand Plaine de France - Grand Roissy - Le Bourget.

As the new heart of Grand Roissy, EuropaCity will offer a new and outstanding living environment where culture leisure and retail are closely intertwined from 2020. EuropaCity, a project deemed of national interest, will reveal at the SIMI its ambitions and the assets that contribute to the economic, social and urban development of the northeastern Paris region. Christophe Dalstein, director of the project, took this opportunity to lead a conference called “EuropaCity, une nouvelle centralité pour le Grand Paris” (EuropaCity, a new  centrality of Greater Paris), held on Thursday, December 5th 2013. “Ideally located in Grand Roissy, EuropaCity is a project that fosters urban, economic, social and architectural development, and will contribute to increasing the attraction of the northeastern Paris region.

The construction that has been underway since 2008 in collaboration with all the stakeholders in this area will result in a mixed and sustainable environment that fosters job creation and will meet the population’s expectations”, explained Christophe Dalstein, director of EuropaCity.

Come visit EuropaCity at the SIMI show - from December 4th to December 6th 2013, at the Palais des Congrès de Paris, at the stand Plaine de France - Grand Roissy - Le Bourget: Niveau 1 (2nd floor), Hall Passy, stand D90.

12 November 13

EuropaCity at the MAPIC Innovation Forum, in Cannes, France

EuropaCity, the flagship project of the New Greater Paris, attends the international retail property market show called the MAPIC in the framework of the Innovation Forum, which is dedicated to new trends.

EuropaCity at the MAPIC Innovation Forum, in Cannes, France

Christophe Dalstein, director of the project, took today’s opportunity to present EuropaCity. Tomorrow, he will take part in a conference called “Pop up culture? How culture and retail paradigms marry to attract shoppers”, which is co-organized by Lord Culture.

Come visit EuropaCity at the Mapic:

- MAPIC INNOVATION FORUM, Lerins Level, Nr. LR2.13, from November 13th to November 15th, 2013.

- Conference « Pop up culture? How culture and retail paradigms marry to attract shoppers », co-organizer Lord Culture, Oxford Room, Level -1, Aisle 11, Thursday November 14th from 11:30 to 12:45 A.M.

Follow the MAPIC on Twitter: @EuropaCity and on mapic website


Newsletter #3
01 November 13

Newsletter #3

The news about EuropaCity is a reflection of the project: it is rich, intense… and multifaceted.

In this third release of the newsletter, we continue to focus on initiatives, progress and questions relating to the project. Among the studied topics are: consensus building for the Gonesse Triangle, launch of the ID Factory Culture, details of the Masterplan and explanations of the public debate on the project which will take place in 2014. The creation of EuropaCity is gaining speed. In all regards.

10 October 13

ID Factory Culture

Paris, October 10, 2013 – Think tankcomposed of cultural, tourism and territory stakeholders.

ID Factory Culture

As the flagship project of the New Greater Paris, EuropaCity brings together cultural, tourism, regional and economic stakeholders. They aim at outlining the identity of the project in consideration of identified needs, opportunities, trends and wishes.

Goal: building a cultural center that meets the expectations of its public.
About 20 participants organize animations and 3 workshops, to share their insight as specialists in their field of expertise:
- Attract: how to make this place a cultural destination?
- Lifestyle: how to live in this region on a daily basis, in a public space, with which habits and which culture?
- Conceptualize: what interactions between retail, culture and leisure?
The third center, which is in charge of organizing thematic seminars and round tables for ID
Factory Culture, has prepared a series of 4 ID Factory Culture:
- October 10, 2013: definition of the subject matter of EuropaCity
- November 26, 2013: EuropaCity and its public
- January 14, 2014: Operation, partnership logic and governance
- March 2014: programming ideas
These dates are subject to change depending on the availability of participants.

EuropaCity - 2014 Public Debate
03 October 13

EuropaCity - 2014 Public Debate

EuropaCity is pleased about the French National Commission for Public Debate’s (Commission Nationale du Débat Public - CNDP) decision to organize a public debate on the EuropaCity project.

EuropaCity decided to solicit the CNDP well in advance to define best the role of the public in the elaboration of this project as the backbone of the New Greater Paris. By 2020, it will offer a unique center for activities that combines culture, leisure and retail.

In the case of EuropaCity, the public debate will enable the exchange of ideas with local residents and other stakeholders concerning the aim of the project for the Gonesse and the Grand Roissy areas, which hold a strong potential and are expanding rapidly.

“We are pleased about the French National Commission for Public Debate’s decision, after we decided to solicit it in advance to define best the role of the public in the elaboration of this project. EuropaCity is an ambitious project ultimately intended, for the French, European and international public. Local residents of the region are the first affected because of the project’s implications in terms of urban planning, employment, social development and urban attraction. We opened the discussion at the turn of 2012 and 2013 with an exhibit in Gonesse that presented the ambition of the project to over 1000 visitors. We intend to pursue this approach by involving local residents in the co-construction of EuropaCity”, commented Christophe Dalstein, director of the EuropaCity project.

Find out more at: www.debatpublic.fr/cndp/communiques_decisions.html




13 June 13


EuropaCity is part of a public project, which consists in the implementation of a land use plan at a larger scale: The Gonesse Triangle.


A preliminary consensus building phase was launched today for this project that stands among the most important undertakings in the Ile de France region. It is lead by the Public Development Agency of the Plaine de France (Etablissement Public d’Aménagement de la Plaine de France). 

This will be an opportunity to present EuropaCity’s ambition by examining the benefits it will bring to the region and explaining how its ambitious and sustainable architecture fits into the Triangle de Gonesse land use plan.

The consensus building phase will play an important role in the development of EuropaCity, as this project is set to be a hub of public transportation.

The discussion with public and relevant local authorities began quite early on in the framework of the Steering Committee. Six meetings took place since 2011, and the last one was crucial in view of the confirmation of the agency BIG as the main designer team of the project. A second study group was created at the same time: the Scientific Council. It is composed of French and international experts who meet regularly and its role is to identify future trends. 

The discussion is now working its way to the general public. At the turn of 2012 and 2013, the exhibit called Alliage(s) et Territoire(s) held in Gonesse revealed the initial orientations of the project. The public consultation is set to begin in early 2014, most likely in the form of a public debate lead by the French National Commission for Public Debate (Commission Nationale du Débat Public - CNDP). EuropaCity hopes it will be chosen to host this event, which is limited to large scale urban planning projects. This would enable everybody to express their thoughts and to contribute to developing the project.

The first consensus building meeting on urban planning in the Gonesse Triangle will be held on Friday June 14th at 8:30 P.M in the Jacques Brel hall in Gonesse. 

www.triangledegonesse.fr and www.plainedefrance.fr


07 June 13


What is responsible consumption? How will EuropaCity become the leading eco-friendly destination? How will it affect the region? EuropaCity is becoming more and more sustainable.

In fact, the co-construction process that was implemented quite early on aims at answering these questions without having to raise others. 

On June 5th, the ID Factory Sustainable Development brought together the project designers, external experts and EuropaCity team, a total of 30 experts in the field from all over Europe.

After the presentation of the assessments and the sustainable development benchmarking carried out by the agency Utopies®, 4 topics were submitted to the participants to reflect upon in small groups: local integration, positive project, cultural dimension, responsible consumption.

The discussion was very lively and concluded in identifying possible further undertakings for the project. “EuropaCity is a start-up. While its walls have not yet been built, the project’s spirit already exists as well as its contribution to the region!” claims Elisabeth Laville, director and founder of Utopies®.

The ID Factory is working on it.

Next update in October...

23 May 13


Co-construction is one of EuropaCity’s founding principles.


The Steering Committee that meets regularly with State representatives and local authorities, as well as the Scientific Council, are continuously raising questions and discussing the project.

Yesterday, the Scientific Council held a special meeting at the Atelier International du Grand Paris with the launch of the ID Factory. This laboratory collects expertise from different fields that fosters ideas about EuropaCity’s program and is discussed in more detail in thematic workshops.

For example, they discuss “responsible consumption” and more particularly during the first meeting, they studied “sharing economy”. FaberNovel, an agency specialized in innovation, set up a workshop based on 3 experiences that have already proven to be efficient: a food cooperative in New York, a knowledge-sharing workshop in San Francisco and a self-managed theater in Rome. Participants had to imagine possible adaptations to EuropaCity and its regional characteristics. Some insights of what could emerge from 2020 in Gonesse.


12 April 13


EuropaCity is launching a newsletter to share the latest developments of the project. It is intended for those who already follow this outstanding undertaking and those who would like to come on board as stakeholders or just spectators.

Because this unique mix of cultural experiences, leisure and retail must be prepared as of today. Because this hub of public transportation that results from the international consultation of architects is going to be designed in the coming months. New ideas, unexpected encounters, European and metropolitan meetings...a glimpse at EuropaCity’s spirit. Immediately.

07 March 13


1200! That is the number of visitors who have attended the Alliage(s) et Territoire(s) exhibit at the cultural center of Coulanges (Pôle culturel de Coulanges, Gonesse, France) within just 2 months.


Such success was not expected, even though it gave local residents of the EuropaCity region a chance to get a preview of the project. The visit also offered educational workshops for the youngest. 18 classes from Gonesse schools ranging from 3rd to 5th grade took part in these “junior workshops”.

The program consisted in urban planning and drawing activities led by two cultural mediators. Using their own words, the children brought very imaginative insight into the potential future of their local environment. The discussion will continue with the imminent launching of EuropaCity Sustainable development strategy which marks the beginning of a months-long public debate. All opinions are welcome.


07 December 12


After having been stationed at the Maison de l’Architecture in the Île-de-France region in the center of Paris, the EuropaCity exhibit is now in Gonesse, its future host land.

Gonesse residents have a chance to discover a larger version of the exhibit that had been on display so far. The large images and the educational benches displayed amid the 4 models designed by the architects involved, provide a more detailed insight into the project.

This exhibit is a total immersion in the universe of this project through which the public discovers the multiple facets of EuropaCity: a detailed program, environmental compliance, accessibility, interactions with the region and architectural proposals from the international competition.

Two cultural mediators guide the visitors through the exhibit and discuss it with them. They also organize workshops for middle and high-school students, who are asked to give their thoughts about the transformation underway in the region.

Free entry from December 5th to December 22nd 2012 and from January 8th to February 2nd 2013. From Monday to Saturday, from 10 A.M to 5 P.M.

Pôle culturel Coulanges

4, rue Saint-Nicolas, in Gonesse, France.


26 October 12


Over 2000 visitors attended the exhibit “EuropaCity Alliage(s) et Territoire(s)” this past month.


For this first public presentation at the Maison de l’Architecture in the region Île-de-France, visitors discovered Manuelle Gautrand, Snøhetta, BIG and Valode & Pistre’s visions of EuropaCity. Among the visitors were many architecture, urban planning, environment professionals and students. They were all very interested in the visual representations and architectural models ingeniously displayed by Maryline Gillois and Dagmar Dudinsky following two different approaches: one by theme, the other by comparison.

Each team presented the project in the framework of an inaugural ceremony, which made a great impression on the record number of 400 visitors, according to the Maison de l’Architecture organizers. The creators’ personalities and explanations gave these different and powerful concepts a whole new perspective.

The exhibit is now moving to Gonesse for its next stop. It will be displayed from December 5th to December 22nd and from January 8th to February 2nd 2013 in a new enriched version. It is awaited with anticipation!

Watch how visitors react to the exhibit.

20 September 12


The opening of the exhibit “EuropaCity 2012 - Alliage(s) et Territoire(s)” took place on Wednesday September 19th

at the Maison de l’Architecture d’Ile de France, Paris, France. It was inaugurated by Daniel Canepa, Prefect of the Ile de France region, Ali Soumaré, Regional advisor and representative of Jean-Paul Huchon, Michel Montaldo, Vice-President of the Val d’Oise General Council and representative of Arnaud Bazin, Didier Vaillant, President of Val de France, Viviane Gris, Chief Deputy of Gonesse Mayor Jean-Pierre Blazy, Damien Robert, General Director of the Public Urban Planning Agency of the Plaine de France et Vianney Mulliez, President of the Groupe Auchan.

The exhibit “EuropaCity 2012 – Alliage(s) et Territoire(s)” offers a first preview of the concept of EuropaCity’s new urban infrastructures and its realization based on models and images from the four proposals submitted by architectural firms Snohetta, Valode & Pistre, Manuelle Gautrand and BIG.

The exhibit is open to public from September 20th to October 27th 2012 (free admission; Monday through Saturday from 10 A.M to 7 P.M) at the Maison de l’Architecture d’Ile de France (148 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris 10th arrondissement).


03 September 12


From September 20th to October 27th 2012, the Maison de l’Architecture d’Ile de France will host the EuropaCity 2012 - Alliage(s) et Territoire(s) exhibit.


EuropaCity 2012 is a representation of the state of progress of the project, its ambitions, its implementation in the urban planning project of the Gonesse Triangle, and the architectural models submitted by the architectural firms BIG, Manuelle Gautrand, Snohetta and Valode & Pistre.

This exhibit is free and open to public. It enables visitors to discover each model for this worldwide unique project in depth, with a combination of retail, culture, leisure and hotels all in one destination.

Location: Maison de l’Architecture d’Ile de France

Address: 148 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris 10th arrondissement - Metro stop Gare de l’Est (lines 4, 5 or 7)

Opening hours: Monday through Saturday from 10 A.M to 7 P.M

Curator: Lord Culture

Exhibit design: Maryline Gillois & Dagmar Dudinsky


11 June 12


EuropaCity is now on Twitter!

The EuropaCity Twitter account will enable followers to keep up with the latest news about the project, its state of progress and the challenges it involves: developing the northeastern Paris region and organizing the Paris metropolis.

This media is used as an alternative to information offered by EuropaCity to those who wish to discover this unique and innovative metropolitan urban planning project.

You can discuss and share ideas about the project by using the following hashtag: #EuropaCity

Or visit: www.twitter.com/EuropaCity


08 March 12


EuropaCity attended the Salon du Marché International des Professionnels de l’Immobilier (real estate fair for property professionals - MIPIM)


under the Greater Paris tent, at the EPA Plaine de France booth. This event took place at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, from March 6th to March 9th, 2012.

For the first time since the launch of Greater Paris, all the stakeholders were gathered in one place to show their support for the development of the urban planning project for this capital metropolis.

The MIPIM was a perfect opportunity to reveal, on Tuesday March 6th, the 4 architectural models that had been selected for the international competition launched in April 2011.

On Wednesday March 7th at 11:30 A.M, a presentation of the project was organized in the presence of the teams of architects from the firms Manuelle Gautrand, Snøhetta, Valode & Pistre and Bjarke Ingels Group. The architects shared their detailed vision of this worldwide unique project a few months before the nomination of the winning team for the Masterplan.

On that same day, Maurice Leroy, French Minister for Urban Affairs and Patrick Braouezec, President of Paris Metropolis, visited the EuropaCity stand.


07 February 12


Maurice LEROY, French Minister for Urban Affairs in charge of Greater Paris and Mr. Patrick BRAOUEZEC, President of Paris Metropolis, revealed today the list of the 22 projects selected, which included EuropaCity.

Less than 3 months after the creation of a “Greater Paris” label was announced on November 16th 2011, Maurice LEROY, French Minister for Urban Affairs in charge of Greater Paris and Mr. Patrick BRAOUEZEC, President of Paris Metropolis, revealed today the list of the 22 projects selected, which included EuropaCity. 

The jury co-chaired by Mr. Daniel CANEPA, Prefect of the Ile de France region, and 

Mr. Patrick Braouezec, President of Paris Metropolis and composed of qualified leading figures and institutional representatives, agreed to reward this unique project.

This decision appears as a confirmation that EuropaCity and Greater Paris are closely intertwined in terms of perspective and values: EuropaCity is a worldwide unique project that promotes the discovery of European cultures and is solidly integrated in its region using a supportive and sustainable approach.

EuropaCity will become one of the first large-scale projects in Greater Paris as soon as the Greater Paris Express stops at the gates of the Gonesse Triangle, in the Grand Roissy area. It will become a center of attraction in the northeastern Paris region and offer tourists and local residents a unique experience.



2017 03/03
Une nouvelle étape d’enrichissement du projet EuropaCity débute
2017 01/03
Benoît Chang nommé Directeur Général de la société Alliages & Territoires
2016 12/09
EuropaCity, un projet enrichi par tous les acteurs du territoire
2016 09/12
A l’issue du débat public, EuropaCity annonce la poursuite de son projet
2016 07/13
EuropaCity salue la mobilisation de l’ensemble des parties prenantes du projet lors du débat public
2016 03/24
EuropaCity invite les franciliens à co-construire le futur quartier culturel et de loisirs du Grand-Paris
2016 02/26
Immochan and Wanda partner to develop EuropaCity, the future destination for leisure in Greater Paris
2016 02/16
La CCI Paris Ile-de-France apporte son expertise à EuropaCity
2015 12/04
Un débat public pour co-construire ensemble EuropaCity
2015 10/14
EuropaCity annonce 3 partenariats d’étude pour créer la nouvelle destination des loisirs du Grand Paris
2014 12/21
EuropaCity : 80% des habitants du territoire sont favorables au projet
2014 03/27
4ème Conseil d’Orientation Scientifique du projet EuropaCity
2014 02/27
EuropaCity se félicite de la signature du Contrat de Développement Territorial (CDT) « Val-de-France / Gonesse / Bonneuil-en-France ».
2013 10/03
EuropaCity se félicite de la tenue d’un débat public en 2014
2013 06/05
ID Factory Développement Durable
2013 05/22
3eme Conseil d’Orientation Scientifique
2013 04/12
L'équipe retenue
2013 03/06
Nouvelle étape pour le projet EuropaCity
2012 12/12
EuropaCity présenté à Gonesse
2012 09/20
Ouverture de l'exposition
2012 09/06
Etude d'impact pour EuropaCity
2012 08/31
Exposition EuropaCity 2012
2012 02/07
Lauréat du Label Grand Paris
2012 01/17
Les 4 projets d'architectes
2015 01/08
The new destination for leisure time
2013 04/08
Avril 2013
2012 08/10
Exposition EuropaCity 2012
2012 01/17
Le Comité de Pilotage du 17/01/2012
2011 11/30
Le Comité de Pilotage du 30/11/2011
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La vision architecturale d’EuropaCity par Bjarke Ingels et Carlo Ratti
La co-construction au cœur d’EuropaCity <br/> Dans sa démarche de co-construction, EuropaCity a souhaité associer les habitants du territoire à sa réflexion. C'est pourquoi l'agence Campana Eleb Sablic, mandatée par EuropaCity, a organisé, sur trois mois, plusieurs ateliers participatifs sur l'ensemble des villes concernées par l'implantation du projet : Gonesse, Garges-lès-Gonesse, Villiers-le-Bel, Sarcelles, Roissy-en-France, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Le Blanc-Mesnil. Ces 7 ateliers participatifs ont donné lieu le 1er juillet 2015 à un ID Factory Territoire(s) #3 qui s’est déroulé à Villiers-le-Bel. Découvrez sans plus attendre la vidéo retraçant les moments forts de ces échanges
Le 10 juin 2015, EuropaCity a organisé dans les locaux d'AgroParisTech le premier ID Factory consacré à la Ferme urbaine. L’objectif était de confronter les orientations déjà esquissées pour le programme de la Ferme urbaine d’EuropaCity aux différents experts réunis autour de la thématique.
EuropaCity était à la 26ème édition du MIPIM, le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier, qui s’est tenu du 10 au 13 mars 2015. L’occasion pour ses acteurs clés de présenter le projet aux participants du MIPIM.
Views of Paris
Night vision
Aerial view
Retail Center
Cultural center
Snow resort
Water park
Le Loop
International exhibition hall
Educational farm & parks
Contemporary circus
Christophe Dalstein sur Business Immo Live : le calendrier d'EuropaCity
Présentation du projet EuropaCity par Christophe Dalstein lors du MIPIM
Interview de Patrick Renaud et Ilham Moustachir
Interview de Chantal Romand et Hervé Chastagnol
Bjarke Ingels presents EuropaCity
EuropaCity, une ambition architecturale
Animation EuropaCity
EuropaCity - Alliage(s) et Territoire(s) - Du 27 Septembre au 20 Octobre 2012
Retour sur l'exposition EuropaCity 2012 – Alliage(s) et Territoire(s)
Valode & Pistre
Manuelle Gautrand
Pôle culturel de Coulanges
Pôle culturel de Coulanges
Pôle culturel de Coulanges
Pôle culturel de Coulanges
Pôle culturel de Coulanges
Maison de l'Architecture d'Ile-de-France
Maison de l'Architecture d'Ile-de-France
Maison de l'Architecture d'Ile-de-France
Maison de l'Architecture d'Ile-de-France
Maison de l'Architecture d'Ile-de-France
Maison de l'Architecture d'Ile-de-France


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